These galleries are no longer updated. Although most of the photographs were not sized for use as PC wallpaper there are thousands of images we hope visitors will still enjoy.
Photo Journal
Featured Photo Archives
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Animals, Birds, Wildlife
Virginia Rail
Great Blue Heron
Equine / Horse Events, Competition, Shows
Birds of Prey, Eagles, Hawks, Osprey, Vultures, Raptors

Local And National Parks
Piscataway Park, Accokeek Foundation, Maryland
Fort Washington National Park

Antietam National Battlefield Park

Gettysburg National Military Park

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Great Falls, Great Falls National Park

Kenilworth Park, Washington, DC


NRA's National Firearms Museum

May 12th, 2012 Freedom Museum Airshow

Freedom Museum, Manassas, Virginia

National Museum of the Marine Corps

Space Shuttle Discovery, 12 April 2012

Shuttle Discovery, SR-71, Misc, Dulles Air & Space Museum

National Air & Space Museum- Chantilly, VA

National Air & Space Museum-Washington, DC


Winter Scenes

Flowers, Gardens, Plants

Christmas 2012 Photographs

Manassas Christmas Parade

Contract Examples..
Nike Retail Services
American Culinary Federation
Metropolitan Washington COG
Historic Places, Landmarks
United States Air Force Memorial
Washington, DC Monuments, Memorials (smaller pics)
US Capitol, Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, DC
National World War II Memorial
Historic Aldie Mill, Aldie, Virginia
Washington DC
Iwo Jima Memorial
National Harbor
Manassas Old Town / PW County

Community Service, Parades
The Norfolk & Western (NW) Class J 611 Steam Locomotive
Arsenal of Democracy Flyover - 07/08 May 2015
Memorial Day 2016, 29th Annual Rolling Thunder
Memorial Day 2014, Rolling Thunder (I-66)
Memorial Day 2013, Quantico National Cemetery
Manassas 2012 Christmas Parade
Manassas 2011 Veterans Day Parade
The Bucket Brigade Monster Truck
Forrest Whorton, Castleton, Virginia
Motorcycle Extreme Stunt Riders Practice
XTreme Stunt Riding
540 Boyz X-Treme Stunt Riding
Wilfried and Marion Meier Sharing
2008 Fireworks, Manassas, Virginia
2009 Fireworks, Manassas, Virginia

Tea Party Events And Rallies
Americans for Prosperity, Bus Tour - 28 Oct 2010
Manassas Tea Party Inaugural Event - 25 June 2010
Tea Party - 15 April 2010, Woodbridge, Virginia
Tea Party - 04 July 2009, Woodbridge, Virginia
Tea Party - 15 April 2009, Woodbridge, Virginia
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